About Negentex

Systems medicine is a growing interdisciplinary field that views the human body as a complex biological system operating in a complex dynamic environment. It looks at chronic disease as chronic physiological dysfunction due to excessive environmental stressors in genetically vulnerable people. Our focus is on improving health as much as it is treating disease. We view health as system resilience, or the inherent ability of a biological system to maintain or return to normal function in the setting of acute or chronic environmental stressors. We combine the best of conventional medicine with the advanced technology of systems medicine to help patients prevent disease and maintain a high level of function through their lifespan.

What is Negentex?

Negentex is a Primary Care Management Services Organization (MSO) with an innovative, data-driven, scalable primary care system that produces better medical care for patients, a better life for physicians, and reduced medical costs to payors.

 Our healthcare system is broken.  We spend massive amounts of money treating people sick with chronic disease. Our primary care system is broken.  High patient volume and high administrative burden render primary care ineffective leading to overutilization of expensive hospital and specialty care. Negentex is reinventing primary care to heal our broken American medical system.

Who We Are

Our Team

Our Results

The Negentex System Delivers

  • A better life for doctors
  • Reduced total medical costs to payors and produce a positive return on the investment in primary care
  • A win for all parties: patients, doctors, and payors

Fifteen years ago, I was ready to quit medicine. I wasn’t happy with the quality of the care I could provide; my life was a wreck, and I was going bankrupt.

I shared my decision to quit medicine with a patient who happened to be a successful businessman.  He looked at me and said, “Bill, you’re a great doctor and you love your patients. Don’t quit medicine.  Just build a new model.”

I thought about what he said and took his advice.  I developed a new primary care model – one that any general practitioner or health system can implement.  This model enabled me to provide better medical care to my patients and enjoy a better life.

A few years in to using this new model I received a call from my credentialing officer at my local hospital.  He asked me, “Bill, how many patients have you admitted over the past 2 years?”   I responded, “I don’t think I’ve admitted anyone.”  He said, “Well that’s a problem, I can’t give you privileges if you aren’t admitting any patients.”  At that moment I realized the real benefits of this new model.  It is about keeping people healthy and out of the hospital.  And if scaled nationally the savings to the system could be massive.

The power isn’t in me. The power is in the model.  Reinventing primary care saved my career and it can save our broken American medical system.

Dr. William Queale




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