Better medicine, better life

We are reinventing the Primary Care model and rebuilding our broken healthcare system – one practice at a time

Focus on personalized medicine

Negentex restores the physician-patient relationship and focuses on individualized health

A better provider experience

We care about our providers by focusing on the work-life balance and a sustainable economic model

Reduce administrative burden

Our integrated systems approach ensures efficient practice operations and improved patient experiences – we take care of the details

Our Process

What we do for Physicians

Restore the physician-patient relationship

By building trust between patients and providers, our model delivers personalized care, the way healthcare ought to be

Transition to a technology-enabled medicine model

We focus on systems medicine and emerging technology to improve patient care 

Reduce administrative burden

Negentex has assembled a team of professionals to attain relationships and attract new patients, improve workflows, and provide unmatched customer service

What we do for Payors

Ensure access to an effective primary care team

Payors receive a team of seasoned professionals’ expert in building long-standing patient relationships

Reduce prevalence and cost of chronic disease

Using our unique approach, Negentex ensures the likelihood of chronic disease can be mitigated along with effective cost containment

Reduce the need for expensive hospital and specialty care

By administering this systems model, we reduce stays and the need for more costly services
Our Results

The Negentex System Delivers

  • A better life for doctors
  • Reduced total medical costs to payers and produce a positive return on the investment in primary care
  • A win for all parties: patients, doctors, and payers

How We Do It

Our approach is a combination of using systems medicine, reinventing primary care and integrating lifestyle management to reduce chronic disease and build patient longevity

Direct to primary care business model with reduced patient volume and improved administrative workflows


Personalized medicine clinical model integrating conventional medicine with lifestyle medicine


Advanced technology model incorporating artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms


Home and community-based primary care workforce to assess and care for patients in their own environment


Integrated behavioral and social health services to mitigate psychosocial barriers to effective care


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